Culture Change at IBC Vehicles

We transformed IBC Vehicles, a 50 year old truck company, from old style, British manufacturing to a Japanese-inspired, Lean manufacturing culture. It was the first such brownfield transformation to succeed in Europe.

  • We reformed collective relationships
  • We introduced single-status and broad job classifications
  • We implemented flexible working practices
  • We institutionalised employee communications
  • We overhauled the training approach
  • We implemented practical teamworking
  • We introduced merit-based recruitment and promotion
  • We developed a structured leadership development programme
  • We implemented performance management for all employees

From the point where it was facing closure, IBC Vehicles has revived its fortunes while many traditional car factories in the UK have closed down.

IBC is one of the unsung success stories in the UK Motor industry and remains so today by retaining its competitiveness with even the largest auto plants in Europe.

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